Summer 2021



Hello everyone,

I do hope you have all managed to keep well throughout this wretched year. There hasnít been a lot to report: the weather has been miserable and this whole Covid business has been frightening us for far too long. It is so good to be able to go to concerts again and to see real live opera performances, but it isnít yet the kind of life we were lucky enough to enjoy before 2020.

However, I am taking my courage in both hands and travelling to Munich in September- indeed next week-  for the ARD Competition, and then to Paris and Provence in October. I canít quite believe it: it will be the first outing for my British passportÖ.

The garden has been a source of delight once again, and quite different from last year because of all the rain. The grass is green and the roses are still flowering. My sweet peas were a triumph and are still blooming. The birds and wasps and mice and squirrels have eaten all the apples, but theyíve left us some pears and some figs for which we're grateful. All the shrubs and all the weeds have grown to ridiculous proportions so thereís plenty of demolition work to do- I like that because I canít get it too badly wrong and upset the gardener (my husband)!

Here come some photos, and perhaps I shall see some of you somewhere this year or next

With very best wishes,