Tokyo 2011


Konichiwa from Tokyo!

[16 April 2011] Graham and I did come to give our recitals in Tokyo, and despite the frequent earthquakes, we are very glad to have made the journey. The Oji Hall is quite wonderful, with a beautiful piano and the most attentive audience for the concert last night. People are so pleased that we have come; there are very few Western faces. After the natural disasters and the nuclear worry, the tourist industry has been hit very hard. This hotel where I have stayed on each of my trips to Japan is usually swarming with people, but this time it is so quiet that most of its restaurants are temporarily closed and there is no room service.

We are leaving for Kyoto until the next concert; I have never been anywhere other than Tokyo so I'm really looking forward to visiting the temples and gardens in Kyoto. The cherry blossom is glorious!  FL