August 2010: 10th Website Anniversary


Ten years ago this week, my website was born! Thank you so much to everyone who has visited it, and especially to Marina who created it, and whose idea it was. I had no idea then how very useful it would be, to me and to anyone who wanted to know where I was and what I was doing. When life gets hectic, I can consult it myself to see where I should be!

I am writing this in Prades, in the Pyrénées, where I am taking part in the 60th Pablo Casals Festival of Chamber Music, with some wonderful musicians, and in the most beautiful place. Tonight we have a concert in the Abbaye Saint-Michel de Cuxa: an absolutely stunning setting. Last week I was with Isabelle Moretti for festivals in Bergerac and Schleswig-Holstein, and next week I shall be with Graham Johnson in another beautiful French Abbaye: Fontmorigny, near Nevers. It is being a very busy summer.

Congratulations to Marina, and very best wishes to all my friends who visit the website.   FL


Usually I regard my role as the web-manager as a quiet one which rather belongs backstage. But this anniversary seems to be a perfect occasion to place a few "thank you's". First of all to the Dame who gave me the chance to create this website. Thank you Flott, for investing time and interest in this project and for making it your own.

And of course a big thank you to all the visitors to this website for your messages, questions and suggestions. It is quite fascinating to find out that so many people all over the world have been as touched, inspired and simply delighted by Flott's artistry as I myself am again and again.

It has been a great pleasure to "do" this website so far and I do hope there are many more years to come!  ML