Rosenkavalier at Covent Garden


Flott has made her long-awaited return to Covent Garden and had, according to her own words, a lovely time. The revival of John Schlesinger’s production is a great success which is reflected in the enthusiastic reviews:

“Watching Dame Felicity Lott as the Marschallin is to experience something of rare subtlety and human depth on the operatic stage. She can convey so much with the merest gesture or glance, with a fading smile or inflection of the head that, through her, the role almost ceases to be a theatrical representation but takes on instead the qualities of palpable life.
There was dignity here, intermingled with joy, reflection and common sense, that made the Marschallin's complexity all the more fascinating, her philosophical outlook on the situation all the more credible and compelling.”
(The Daily Telegraph)

“Felicity Lott's Marschallin has become very much her signature role. She has found a way to access its heartache without sentimentality. There is real humour in her performance. You feel this woman's desire to dash protocol, to wear the advancing years lightly. "The Field Marshal can be very quick," she says, and the shrug tells you exactly what she means. You sense that she has already played out the dress rehearsal of losing Octavian to a younger woman. When she so gratefully floats the words "silver rose" at the end of Act I, Lott leaves you in no doubt at all as to their significance. The presentation of that rose will seal the end of the affair.” (The Independent)

“…she is charming, playful and teasingly subtle beyond most Marschallins…” (Financial Times)

“Central among these, as ever, is Felicity Lott's Marschallin. Last year the rumour mill ground into action with reports that this would be her last Covent Garden appearance, but Lott professed herself surprised to hear it - and, on the strength of this performance, with good enough reason.” (The Guardian)